About 8Wise™

“experiences & journeys” 

Dalton Wise was founded by Kim Rutherford, Psychotherapist, Author and the creator of 8Wise™, as a one stop shop for mental health and wellbeing support and solutions. Through combining her skills and experience in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, personal development, professional development and corporate leadership Kim developed the bedrock of Dalton Wise services; counselling, coaching, training and consultancy as well as two unique brands:

  1. 8Wise™ – our mental health and wellbeing strategy relevant for modern life that focuses on both recovery and prevention approaches.
  2. Getting Weight Wise™ – our psychological support system for Bariatric patients who are pre or post weight loss surgery.

Dalton Wise is ideal for those looking to take back control of their mental health and begin to feel better about themselves and all areas of their life. 

Kim knows first-hand only too well, the mental health struggle having lived with someone from a young age who experienced mental health challenges, and as she got older dealing with her own mental health struggles, experiencing burnout, anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. Living through it she understands both sides and is now passionate about helping others to notice the warning signs and take action for themselves to live a healthier happier life. 

With one in four people experiencing a mental health problem of some kind each year, Kim wanted to provide a tool for both the ‘one in four’ as a recovery approach and also the ‘other three’ as a prevention approach and developed 8Wise™.

Her critically acclaimed book 8 Wise Ways for a Healthier Happier Mind is being called ‘The mental health manual for the modern world’ and is based on a tried and tested formula Kim uses with both her private and corporate clients to develop a sense of purpose in life, be actively involved in work life and personal life, have hobbies that are satisfying and stimulating, overcome trauma, find happiness, have joyful relationships, and have a healthy body and living environment. 

No matter what you may be experiencing: stress, burnout, anxiety, depression or even low self-esteem, we are confident that Dalton Wise has a solution for you.

Kim Rutherford: Founder