No More Sucking


No More Sucking

I get asked all the time, “Why are you so passionate about helping people to reduce the stress and anxiety in their professional and personal lives?”.

I do this because from first-hand experience I can categorically confirm Stress, Anxiety and the plethora of physical and mental side effects that come with it, if it is not managed sooner, categorically – SUCKS!  

Also, the fact that something that is a part of our human survival system can lead to such an inner darkness and desperation that someone would no longer want to live – SUCKS!

And finally, the fact that we have the power to prevent our natural stress and anxiety reactions from escalating into poor mental health issues, but we are too busy, too exhausted, too proud, too embarrassed or too bloody stubborn to acknowledge the symptoms when they first start – SUCKS!

I am passionate about helping people prevent Stress and Anxiety from escalating into poor mental health issues because the reality of living with it SUCKS – and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy… and I am talking from experience. So, I entered this profession, and then created this business because I can help people, I can work with people and give them the tools that will help alleviate all these things above.

My personal experience of stress and anxiety escalating into poor mental health was in 2014. After a car crash that year, which was the result of extreme Burn Out, I developed severe anxiety, mental exhaustion, panic attacks, insomnia and a depression that led to agoraphobia. I was a Senior Manager within the corporate world, in a job I loved, I was newly married, I had just bought my first house with my husband and moved to a beautiful part of England, I was supposed to be at my happiest – but I couldn’t have been further away from it.

The car crash left me with the negative thinking patterns and fears that occur when facing your own mortality and the mortality of your loved ones. My poor mental health started to spiral, and I don’t mind saying it – I became a little ‘crazy’.  My ego was struggling to accept that I wasn’t a superhero who was unbreakable. I wasn’t liking the realisation that this world could take away the people I loved whenever it wanted to – I mean how bloody rude is that?

That car crash burst my naïve safety bubble and suddenly every fear and worry in the world swooped into my little head.  There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed, and so I didn’t and there were days where I didn’t want to wake up at all, but I did, and slowly but surely, I started to fight off that darkness (with a little help from Geordie Shore, The Kardashians and my trusted Therapists).  

Now, I am a stubborn goat (sometimes I even have the beard to prove it), and I had been exposed to mental health issues from a very young age, so I was not going to be beaten by it. I took 8 months off from my job to re-build mentally. My road to recovery consisted of Counselling, a range of Therapy techniques, Coaching, Self-Reflection and Self Discovery.  Through my journey I discovered how I could have prevented my stress and anxiety from escalating into Burn Out and poor mental health. 4 years later I am stronger than ever, I know myself better than I ever did before and I have learnt how to ensure I maintain the balance that prevents my stress and anxiety levels from escalating again.

I am still married, I now live in my favourite city, Liverpool, doing something I love – preventing someone else from experiencing a life that SUCKS due to stress and anxiety. I still watch Geordie Shore and The Kardashians from time to time (don’t judge me), but now I am a Life Coach and Therapist with my own private practice, I watch them to unwind not blank out life. I spend my days out of bed, helping people to develop a happier, more balanced life.  I celebrate and share the experience and knowledge I have developed through my own recovery, in my unique 8 Wise programme that helps people improve their wellness and mental health.

So, when I get asked, “Why are you so passionate about helping people to reduce the stress and anxiety in their professional and personal lives?”.  The answer is simple – because life is much better when it doesn’t SUCK …. and I should know, I lived it, survived it, learned from it and am better and happier for it.


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