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The Top Ten Stressful Life Events

Stress is a normal part of life. Stressful events can range from minor, easy-to-manage moments, to major or life-changing events that are difficult to cope with. You’ve probably faced many different life events that have been stressful to some degree and many of them would have been directly linked to a life transition. Life transitions

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How to create an 8Wise™ Self-Care plan

So, you’ve used the 8Wise™ Evaluations to identify what your current wellness levels are.  You’ve created your 8Wise Map to help you navigate your 8Wise journey.  But now what?  Well, now it’s time to set your goals and put together your action plan.  But where do you start with that? How do you know what

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How To Develop Your 8Wise™ Map

Are you ready to start developing optimal mental health and wellbeing for an improved quality of life? Before getting to work on developing your 8 Wise™ Map lets first recap each of the eight key elements of the approach. Emotional Wellness: involves your ability to cope with stress, express emotions, and feel positive about your

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