Ricardo Pimentel is greeted by dogs that he rescued at his Tierra de Animales (Land of Animals) shelter in Leona Vicario, Mexico, on Oct. 13, 2020.

Happy Monday everyone! This week we have a good news story that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Last month saw hurricane Delta make its way through the US, and down to Mexico, where Ricardo Pimentel lives in Yucatan Peninsula. The hurricane was tearing a path of destruction directly to his door, so he took action and herded hundreds of animals into his home to shelter them from the storm! There were more than 300 dogs, multiple rabbits, chickens and even a hedgehog – plus a flock of sheep huddled on his patio.

As you can imagine, his house took a bit of a hit! However he said “It doesn’t matter if the house is dirty, it can be cleaned, the things they broke can be fixed or bought again, but what’s beautiful is to see them happy, healthy and safe, without wounds and with the possibility of being adopted.”

Ricardo’s family home is the hub of Tierra de Animales (Land of Animals) which is an animal sanctuary that he set up 10 years ago. Before the storm, he posted on social media that he was concerned about the safety of his dogs and other animals, as supplies may be hard to come by. He didn’t realise that his posts had gone viral until donations started coming in from all around the world! Neighbours also arrived after the hurricane to help him clear the debris and rebuild the sanctuary.

Ricardo has said that he has been blown away by the generosity of the donations and volunteers, and he hopes that this moment in the spotlight will help him to find forever homes for his rescues so that he will be able to save even more.

What a beautiful, heartwarming story!

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