Happy Monday and Happy August! This is our first Good News Monday instalment of the month, and it’s all about a ‘new era for walking and cycling’. The government has put together an active transport and travel strategy to make England safer for pedestrians and cyclists. As part of this initiative, cyclists are now able to access bike repair vouchers worth £50 – the government has budgeted £2bn to encourage people to get on their bikes.

According to the charity Cycling UK, around a whopping 16.5m bikes are just sitting in people’s sheds unused. Boris Johnson has vowed to enable the NHS to prescribe bikes in order to reduce obesity, which has also been found to be a factor in severe cases of Covid19. Cycling UK is also working alongside the Department for Transport in a bid to alter the Highway Code to make it more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. One amendment being discussed is the introduction of the ‘Dutch Reach’ which would require motorists to check behind their shoulder before opening the car door, to avoid cases of cyclists b being ‘car doored’.

Over the last few weeks, towns and cities across the UK have been making changes to their streets in order to encourage more cycling and walking. They have widened pavements and even created pop-up bike lanes which has enabled people to maintain social distancing. Not only is this green transport revolution great for the environment, it’s also brilliant for people’s physical and mental health.

We wrote a whole blog post about the benefits of cycling a few weeks ago, which you can read HERE.

Will you be cycling and walking more now thanks to this new scheme? We’d love to know!

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