Happy Monday everyone, and even better that it’s a bank holiday! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Today’s good news post is a lovely one, and features two puppies! Puppy Labradoodles Dolly and Wally are littermates and were born in Missouri, and hadn’t seen each other since they were eight weeks old. That is until they unexpectedly bumped into each other in a park despite now living 500 miles away from each other!

Dolly now lives in Tennessee, and her owners are huge Dolly Parton fans, hence the name. Her owner, Mary, said that last week they took Dolly on a walk to Centennial Park which is somewhere they had never taken her before, but needed to pick up food in the area for a friend who was ill. After walking for just a short while, they spotted a puppy that looked very similar to Dolly – and it turned out to be her brother, Wally! As they got closer, Wally’s owner Becky, recognized Dolly (who was wearing a scarf with her name on it) from pictures she’d seen on Instagram taken when the dogs were puppies.

Completely by coincidence, Wally and his family were making a stop in Nashville on a Chicago to Florida road trip, and had chosen to stretch their legs at Centennial Park. Dolly and Wally, who both knew a sibling when they saw and scented one, were ecstatic. They ran to greet each other, tails wagging!

Neither owners could believe it. During a year when lots of families can’t get together, it’s lovely to see these two puppy siblings reuniting!

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