The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures have meant that many people around the world have had to completely isolate and keep their distance from loved ones to avoid catching the potentially deadly illness. This has been particularly difficult for elderly and high-risk people who have been advised by the government to stay at home. Many elderly people across the world are care home residents, and family and friends have not been able to visit them. However, a care home in Brazil has found a clever solution to this problem, and their creation has meant that senior citizens can now see and even hug their loved ones while remaining safe from Covid19.

After noticing that the care residents spirits were at an all-time low, the care home’s administrator Rubia Santas said: “We thought they would be much happier if we found a way for them to hug their relatives.” To allow them to do this, they came up with the innovative ‘hug tunnel’! The tunnel is constructed of thick plastic sheeting and has built-in armholes which allow visitors and residents to wrap their arms around the person on the other side. The armholes are built-in at three different heights to accommodate children and those in wheelchairs. In order to make sure it’s safe for both the residents and visitors, the care home staff disinfect the plastic between every visit, which are all scheduled ahead of time. All visitors must also have their temperatures taken and use hand sanitiser before and after using the ‘hug tunnel’.

We have talked about the importance of human contact and socialising with family and friends (you can read about it HERE), so this solution is a great way to allow people to experience the warmth of human contact without having to worry about contracting the coronavirus.

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