Many elderly people are still shielding and keeping their distance from their loved ones in order to protect themselves from the potentially fatal coronavirus. As a result, many have not been able to see or talk to their family or friends for months. The Dreamweaver Foundation has now provided 300 free Facebook Portals to OAPs in care homes across the pond in Nebraska and Iowa. These devices are ultra-loud and easy to use so that the seniors can operate them. Thanks to the foundation’s generosity, these residents are able to connect with their loved ones with a clear picture and sound for the first time in months.

The Dreamweaver Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that grants wishes to the elderly such as hot-air balloon rides or a driving session in a race car, but they have been unable to do this since the coronavirus outbreak. The foundation’s executive director Cheri Mastny said, “we still wanted to serve seniors in a special way. Many families had been resorting to window visits or calls on smartphones which can be both expensive and difficult for seniors to operate.”

The Facebook Portal devices have extra big buttons making them really easy to use. They also have a big subwoofer speaker at the back so that the sound is a lot better for those who are hard of hearing. Calls can be made easily to and from smartphones and tablets.

Connecting with family and friends is really important for our mental and physical wellbeing. Studies have shown that those who socialise may be more likely to live longer – it’s linked with a better immune system meaning you’re more equipped to fight off colds, flu and even some types of cancer.

For more information about the benefits of socialising, check out our blog post on it HERE.

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