It’s the start of a new week, which means another dose of good news. Today’s good news is that the government have agreed to extend the free food vouchers scheme over the summer holidays! These £15-a-week vouchers will continue to be distributed to some of the country’s poorest families as the ‘COVID Summer Food Fund’ which will help 1.3 million pupils in England. The decision to extend the vouchers name after a powerful campaign by the England and Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford who was helped by similar food schemes growing up.

These weekly food vouchers will help to ensure that parents can feed their children and themselves children a balanced and nutritional diet. It’s incredibly important for everyone, especially children to have a healthy diet as it directly affects all areas of a child’s growth and development. There is a strong correlation between nutrition, health and learning in youngsters. Children who are better-nourished have a higher ability to fight infection, and those who are under-nourished tend to experience a decrease in activity levels, social interactions, curiosity and cognitive functioning.

Not only will these food vouchers help provide children with meals full of nutrients, parents will also benefit. Without these vouchers, many parents have often had to choose between feeding themselves or their children, and regularly skip meals or eat unhealthily. Having a healthy and balanced diet is vital for adults too; it reduces the risk of developing certain illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, fruit and natural sugars increase energy levels, and nutritious food boosts the immune system.

Thanks to the extension of these food vouchers, families who are struggling to feed themselves around the country, will be able to enjoy a healthy diet, benefitting their mental and physical health!

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