Happy Monday! It’s time for another ‘Good News Monday’ blog to start your week on a positive note. With ‘Spooky Season’ just around the corner, today’s post has a special halloween theme.

Retired Ken Klinker in Utah has spent 20 years carving hundreds of Halloween lanterns (or Jack O’ Lanterns as they call them across the pond) for his community to enjoy. He carves 50 to 60 foam pumpkins every year between September and October 31 to put on display in his front garden and around the neighbourhood in Farmington, Utah. He used to carve his designs into real pumpkins, but he eventually switched to foam ones so that he could keep bringing them out every year. Each of his creations can take up to eight hours to make, and every halloween he displays between 50 and 275 of them in his front garden!

His passion started when he began carving pumpkins for his children. He started out with the traditional design of rectangular eyes and nose, and then decided to buy a book with different patterns in it. That’s when he began to enjoy carving more intricate creations.

Some of Ken’s creations include Captain Jack Sparrow, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman to name just a few! He even lights them with different coloured Christmas lights to make them pop even more.

In previous years, Ken has been able to showcase his pumpkins in his city’s community room and in his wife’s school, but due to Covid19, this year he has stuck to displaying them in his front garden, haunted houses and forests.

You can even purchase his designs from his Etsy shop HERE.

We just love Ken’s creativity! It’s so important for your wellbeing to nurture your Intellectual Wellness by learning new things, being open to learning, or spending time being creative – and this is a perfect example!

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