Happy Monday and welcome to another instalment of ‘Good News Monday’. We’ve got some great news for all you bath lovers out there today – a recent study suggests that taking regular hot baths may be good for your health. The study showed that taking a hot bath several times a week may reduce risks of high blood pressure and diabetes.

The study by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes involved 1,300 people who were categorised into three various bathing groups:

  • those who had a hot bath less than once a week
  • those who had a hot bath between one and four times a week
  • those who had four or more hot baths a week

The association collected measurements such as blood pressure, body mass and blood tests and found that those who took more hot baths saw decreases in body weight, diastolic blood pressure, and glutted haemoglobin which is a marker of blood sugar. On average, the most significant risk reductions were seen in those who took hot baths four or more times a week for mean duration of 16 minutes. Improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar were seen in adults no matter their weight, age, sex or medications taken.

Heat therapy can be an effective therapeutic treatment for type 2 diabetes in daily life. When your body is hot such as in the bath, your blood moves from your core to your skin to help you sweat. As it does this, your heart starts beating faster, up to 150 beats a minute, which is around the same BPM as moderate intensity exercise.

Another study found that Finnish sauna sessions increased heart-rate variability (an indicator of the heart’s capacity to react strongly under stressful conditions). Long-term sauna sessions were also found to improve left-ventricular function and blood pressure. When Finnish saunas were used around four or more times a week, they were also found to decrease the risk of death for strokes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease by around 46%.

As it gets into the colder months, hot baths are a great way to unwind at the end of the day – and now you have even more reason to enjoy a soak as you’re protecting your physical wellbeing! Physical wellbeing is so important to your overall wellness, so much so that we have dedicated a whole dimension to it in our 8 Wise™️ model.

For more information about our model and how we use it to help our clients, click HERE.

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