The start of a new week can mean only one thing – a good news story. This week we’re sharing a brilliant story of how hypnotherapy cured a lifelong fear of fruit and vegetables.

32-year-old Jenny Edgar from Coventry had an intense fear of these nutritious foods and would physically gag if she tried to eat anything other than her typical diet of dry cereal, cheese, biscuits, pasta or chips. At Christmas time, her dinner would consist of mac and cheese washed down with a glass of water. Jenny would eat raisins and grapes as a child, but hated vegetables. She said that the texture of some fruits, for example fuzziness of peaches or juiciness of tomatoes put her off. After the birth of her son, she noticed that she was gaining weight, and was embarrassed that she had to take her own ready-meal of mac and cheese when she went to dinner at her fiancé’s house. She also wanted to ensure that her eight-year-old son Kian could have a healthy diet.

Jenny decided that enough was enough and decided to tackle her life-long phobia before her wedding next March. Just six hypnotherapy sessions later, she can now tuck into some of her previously feared foods. She visited a hypnotherapist who used a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy to treat her phobia. Jenny said that her hypnotherapist talked to her “in a really relaxed way and got me to try five different fruits.” After a few more sessions, she tried fresh fish and vegetables, which she ended up loving.

Jenny is now planning to expand her cooking skills and grow her own vegetables at home.

Aversions to certain foods can be really powerful and can last a lifetime. The three-pronged approach to the treatment of coaching, hypnotherapy and CBT were successful in re-wiring Jenny’s responses so that she can enjoy healthier foods.

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