Welcome to another instalment of ‘Good News Monday’, and this week’s positive news is all about our National Health Service. Yesterday (5 July 2020) marked the 72nd anniversary of our beloved NHS. On this date in 1948, the NHS was established by Aneurin Bevan – Minister of Health at Park Hospital in Manchester (now known as Trafford General Hospital). Thanks to his commitment hospitals, doctors, nurses and pharmacists were all brought together to offer health care for free, for the very first time in British history,

The NHS has completely overhauled the health and wellness of the UK and it has meant that British citizens are living healthier and longer lives. It has developed and delivered many medical advances and improvements to public health, both physical and mental. It’s thought to be one of the UK’s greatest achievements.

It’s no secret that this year has been incredibly difficult for our NHS due to the coronavirus pandemic, and staff have been working non-stop in the fight against Covid19 and providing care for 100,000 people who were infected and in need of hospital treatment. The 72nd anniversary is a chance to recognise, reflect and remember the skills, commitment, achievements, compassion and diversity of the 1.9 million people working for the NHS, across over 350 professions.

In order to mark the 72nd anniversary, the UK took part in a nationwide round of applause yesterday evening and it is planned to be an annual tradition going forward. The clap comes after the hugely positive response to the weekly ‘Clap For Carers’ campaign which previously occurred every Thursday evening. Over the weekend public buildings were also lit up in blue to celebrate the NHS including the Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower, The Shard, and the Wembley Arch. Happy Anniversary NHS!

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