Coronavirus and the subsequent measures taken all across the world in an attempt to contain it, has meant that many of us haven’t been able to socialise or see loved ones in months. Whether you’re isolating by yourself, with your other half, or with family – the majority of us have other people outside of our households who we just can’t wait to reunite with.

It’s been particularly difficult for care home residents – arguably the most vulnerable group of people of the entire population. They have been cut off from their families for months in order to protect them from the potentially fatal Covid19.

As this is blog post is an instalment in our ‘Good News Monday’, today we’re sharing a heartwarming story of how a Belgian maintenance company has helped elderly residents in high-rise care homes to see their families! The Belgium-based ‘Group-F’ company had a fleet of cranes that were sat idle due to the coronavirus, so manager Tristan Van den Bosch realised he could help – the cranes have allowed families to be raised up to the windows of the upper floors to see their elderly loved ones!

Whilst it’s difficult to socialise at the moment, even something as small as seeing your loved ones through a window, having a video chat with your friends or meeting one person for a socially distanced walk can be great for your health. In fact, studies have shown that those who socialise may be more likely to live longer – it’s linked with a better immune system meaning you’re more equipped to fight off colds, flu and even some types of cancer.

As well as having physical benefits, socialising improves your mental health. It increases feelings of wellbeing and reduces symptoms or depression. More recently, there have been studies which suggest that socialising is good for your brain health and can even lower the risk of dementia. Those who interact with others tend to have better memory and other various cognitive skills.

We believe that social wellness is so important – so much so that it’s of our eight core dimensions in our 8Wise Model. You can take a look at our unique approach here

For more information on the mental health benefits of socialising click here

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