Emotional Intelligence also referred to as EQ, is a really important skill to have. We recently wrote a blog post all about it, which features information on what it is and why it’s so important. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

Whilst the skills of EQ tend to come more easily to those who are naturally empathetic, anyone can successfully develop them. In today’s blog, we’re going to be sharing some methods to improve your Emotional Intelligence level.

  1. Actively Listen

Those who are more emotionally intelligent listen intently to people rather than thinking about what they’re going to say next. Make sure you really understand what the other person is saying before you respond. Also take note of body language and tone. When you practice active listening, the person you’re listening to tends to respect you more.

  1. Practice Positivity

A positive attitude is contagious. But, so is a negative one! Be aware of peoples moods around you and try not to let someone’s negativity affect your own mood. Practice positivity such as eating a healthy lunch, going for a walk or reads some positive and motivating quotes.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Emotions

Life can get very busy, and it’s easy to lose touch with our emotions. Take some time every day to sit back and notice how you’re feeling emotionally.

  1. Question Your Opinions

In this day and age, we are often surrounded by others who hold similar viewpoints whether that’s in real life or online. Take some time to read up a counter argument of your opinions and be open to have your views challenged. You don’t have to change your mind, but it will help you to understand other people and be more open minded to new ideas.

  1. Manage Stress

Most of us experience stress regularly, so it’s important to manage it effectively so it doesn’t spiral out of control. Read our blog about managing stress HERE.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Emotional Triggers

Identify events or circumstances that cause you to feel certain emotions. If it’s anger, be sure to calm down before you act or make any decisions.

  1. Ask For Help

Don’t be scared or too proud to ask for help when you need it. It’s important to recognise when you might be struggling and reach out to others.

There are plenty of ways to improve your emotional intelligence, and these are a great place to start.

Click HERE for more information on Emotional Intelligence.

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