This week we’re going to be exploring the ENFP personality type, known as ‘The Champion’.

ENFP stands for extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. They tend to be energised by spending time with others, focus on ideas and concepts as opposed to facts and details, make decisions based on feelings and values, and prefer spontaneity rather than organisation. The term champion comes from their enthusiasm for helping others realise their dreams. ENFPs are warm, dynamic, passionate, and love to help others explore their creative potential. They’re usually eloquent communicators and use their humour to create engaging stories. They have a strong artistic side, and are typically drawn to art.

What are their values and motivations?

Champions tend to be curious about others and are interested in discovering the deeper meaning in people and ideas. They strive for authentic experiences and often seek emotional intensity. ENFPs can get easily bored by details and repetition and often search for situations that offer an escape from the mundane. They tend to have a wide range of interests and friends from many backgrounds. They view personal freedom, and self expression as extremely important, and want to go wherever inspiration leads.

How to spot an ENFP

They love to talk about peoples motivations, inspirations and goals. They typically share their own visions openly, and want to hear others. They’re unlikely to judge anyone’s dreams and enjoy discussing the most imaginative fantasies. They’re very creative and don’t like to talk about harsh realities. They can often come across as unconventional and scattered. They can overlook details and have very little patience for the mundane. ENFPs often have an artistic streak and can have a distinctive and unique personal style.

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

ENFPs are outstanding communicators and are great at keeping discussions flowing. They are very imaginative, natural leaders, and have strong social consciences. However, they can be hypersensitive, can lack focus and follow through, can have a tendency to overthink things, be overemotional and approval-seeking. They may try slightly too hard to make a good impression by talking too much and listening too little.

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