A couple of weeks ago we published a blog post all about The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You can read it HERE if you missed it. The indicator is a questionnaire which identifies you as one of 16 personality types, with the aim of allowing you to further explore and understand your own personality. In today’s blog post, we will be exploring one of these personalty types, namely: ISTJ The Inspector.

So what do the letters ISTJ stand for? Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. This acronym suggests someone who is stimulated by spending time alone (introverted), focuses on facts and details as opposed to ideas and concepts (Sensing), makes decisions based on logic and reason (Thinking), and prefers to be organised and stick to plans rather than spontaneous and flexible (Judging). The word ‘Inspector’ comes from their attention to detail and desire to do things correctly.

Those who are ISTJs are responsible, organised, motivated to create and enforce order within systems and institutions. They are also tidy, orderly and often have a strategy for everything they do. They are reliable and conscientious, want to uphold tradition and follow regulations.

What are their values and what motivates an ISTJ?

They tend to rely on their past experiences to offer guidance and are happiest in familiar surroundings. They have faith in proven methods, are very hardworking and won’t rest until a task is complete. ISTJs are logical and systematic, and tend to enjoy tasks that require step-by-step rational thinking to solve a problem. They pay very close attention to detail and inspect things carefully to make sure they’re correct.

How can you identify an ISTJ?

They tend to have a very serious and tradition air about them. They want to know and follow all the rules of a game. In social situations, they can often be found doing something useful as they’re happier taking charge of a task than they are talking to strangers. When they are faced with a task, you can rely on them to do it properly, correctly and follow it through to the end. ISTJs are practical and don’t like to be the centre of attention. You may find that their clothes and belongings are chosen based on practicality as opposed to fashion. They are enthusiastic talking about factual information rather than exploring concepts or unproven ideas.

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

ISTJs are very loyal, detail orientated, organised and committed. However, they can also be stubborn, tactless, resistant to change, and can beat themselves up if something doesn’t go to plan.

Be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks where we will be taking a look at other personality types!

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