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It has been my dream for a very long time to start a business supporting people to ‘be selfish’. The word selfish usually promotes negative connotations, that somehow being selfish and thinking about ourselves is in some way ‘bad’ but I don’t mean the type of ‘selfish’ that hurts others or results in negative outcomes for you, your life or the people in it. I mean the type of ‘selfish’ that allows you to put ‘You First’ for a short time each day, each week or even each month. The type of ‘selfish’ that says ‘this is my life and I am giving myself permission to think about myself, care for myself, heal myself and empower myself for the life I want to live moving forward’. This type of ‘selfish’ allows you to grow as a person, grow in personal strength and take control of your life, as much as you ever can.

The ‘curve balls’ of life will still come at you, but by being a little bit ‘selfish’ from time to time and putting ‘You First’ you may just be able to dodge some of those ‘curve balls,’ catch a few and even throw a few back. Life is busy, it can be unfair, it is hectic – the modern world is speeding up when our energy levels need it to slow down. I have had my fair share of ‘curve balls’ in my life and I have had my fair share of times when being a bit more ‘selfish’ and giving myself permission to think about ‘Me First’ may just have prevented a lot of unhealthy and negative times. I have learnt a lot through my journey, worked with some excellent specialists and found some great coping mechanisms for those times when I felt that life was just ‘too much’. My aim with Dalton Wise is to pass that knowledge forward. I want to provide others with the support, the skills and tools needed to manage the ‘curve balls’ that life has always and will always throw at us.

As a qualified Trainer and Assessor already, I decided the best way to do this was to train and qualify as a Coach and Therapist and provide support to those who are ready to focus on themselves and be a little bit ‘selfish’ in order to move forward in their own lives in a more positive way. With over a decade of experience in providing support, advice and guidance on a range of professional and personal issues, through coaching and therapy, I decided that I should follow my own advice, give myself permission to think ‘You First’, be a little brave, give myself permission to be a little bit ‘selfish’, move forward stronger, take control of my own life and build a career that I want, doing what I love – empowering people to live the life they want for themselves. You can’t care for others if you don’t care for ‘You First’. Dalton Wise aims to provide the tools and support to do this. It is your journey but you don’t have to travel it alone.?

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