Weight Wise™

live a longer, healthier and happy life” 


A clear link has been identified between mental health problems and obesity, with conditions such as anxiety and depression often leading to weight gain and obesity itself leading to anxiety and depression – a toxic mental health and wellbeing cycle.

The ongoing stigma and body issues around weight gain can negatively affect mood, food can be used as a coping strategy, which increases unhealthy eating and can affect adherence to weight management programmes. For many people experiencing this, bariatrics, or weight loss surgery as it is more commonly known, is the medical option for resolving both the obesity issue and the mental health issue simultaneously.

Weight Wise™ is our psychological support programme for those individuals who are contemplating or have undergone bariatric procedures. Its core focus is to provide mental health and wellbeing support throughout the individuals bariatric journey supporting them to manage the challenges that the process brings and overcome the historical thoughts, feelings and behaviours that led to obesity in the first instance.

All our services are delivered by qualified professionals who provide an empathetic safe space without judgement, for you to heal from the past, manage the challenges of the present and create a healthier happier future, so you can achieve your goals.


Bariatrics is used as a treatment of people who register as obese and morbidly obese. We understand that obesity is a mental health issue, and our Weight Wise services focus on supporting those who make the decision to manage their obesity and overcome those mental health challenges through weight loss surgery. We support people throughout the full bariatric journey whether they be at the pre or post surgery stage.  



Provided as either face to face or online via Zoom, our pre-surgery bariatric coaching supports you to make effective decisions for your health and your life regarding your surgery options.  It also helps you to prepare mentally and physically for surgery and for the post-surgery process that follows.


Provided as either face to face or online via Zoom, our post-surgery bariatric coaching supports you with the psychological and physical elements of the bariatric process. We will work with you on managing your life after weight loss surgery, helping you to develop healthy eating habits as well as healthier thought cycles, achieve emotional regulation, overcome unhealthy relationships and learn to manage your new bariatric life.


Online workshops delivered live on Zoom or via a recorded webinar, where you can develop the knowledge skills and tools needed to effectively manage the psychological and physical process of your bariatric journey as well as build a network of other surgery patients who are experiencing different stages of their bariatric journey.


Join our Facebook support group where we host a weekly online support meeting and share information, tools, tips and techniques to help you manage your bariatric journey.


Social weekend events full of fun where you can socialise with other bariatric patients, develop friendships and build confidence and self-esteem in your new way of life and your healthier happier mind and body.