This week marks Loneliness Awareness Week. We can all feel lonely at any point in our lives, however, many people are experiencing loneliness at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Being apart from loved ones during this time has increased the risk of feeling lonely and isolated for many people.

For today’s Wellness Wednesday post, we wanted to share some things that you can do should you be feeling lonely during this time.

– At the moment, it’s difficult to socialise with others, however it’s not impossible. Stay in touch with family and friends via technology. Schedule in a video chat, phone call or text message. If you’re not technology savvy, you can even write a letter!

– Head out for a walk in a public place (making sure you can maintain a two metre distance). Simply being around other people can help to alleviate feelings of loneliness.

– Join an online class or group around something you enjoy doing. There are digital book clubs, exercise classes, gardening groups, you name it!

– Keep active. Our physical and mental health is hugely intertwined, so remember to look after your body. Doing this will help you be able to cope mentally. You don’t have to do intense workouts – why not try tai chi or yoga? There are tons of Youtube videos you can follow along!

– Do things that bring you comfort as this will help you feel better. Take a long bath, hug your pet, cook your favourite meal, light a candle; whatever brings you joy!

– Remember you won’t feel this way forever. Whilst it might feel like loneliness and lockdown are never-ending, you will go back to seeing your loved ones soon. Plan exciting things for the future to do with your friends and family. If you need some extra support during this time, get in touch with Dalton Wise.

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