It’s that time between Christmas and New Year, and not much is going on. You might feel an urge to just check up on your work emails, or just get ahead before the new year, but did you know that taking time off is actually good for both your health and your performance at work? Think about the last time you took time off – was it because you were ill, or because you had another obligation? Stepping back from the physical and mental demands of everyday life gives you a chance to come back refreshed and clear-headed.

Here is why taking time to relax is so vital…

  1. Mental Clarity

When you are overworked, your thoughts can get cloudy, you’ll become much less productive, and you become less able to deal with stress. Even a day or two away from work can help you gain back your mental clarity.

  1. Increases your productivity

When you work too much, you’ll eventually burnout and even the simplest of tasks can become a challenge. Taking some time off will help you to feel refreshed and ready to go.

  1. Improve your work life balance

When you overwork yourself, your hobbies and interests can get neglected as you focus all of your energy on work. Taking time away from work gives you a chance to rekindle your joy and remember what life was like before you became so busy.

  1. Improves your focus

When you are constantly doing the same job day after day, it can take a toll. When you take time off, you can refocus on your goals and look at things in a new light.

  1. Improves your relationships

Even a few days away from work lets you switch off from your job and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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