WTFI ……… Wellness & Wellbeing

The WTFI series

When I first started to read up about self-care I was bombarded with concepts on Wellness and Wellbeing, so many different theories, ideas and opinions and my initial response was “What the F*** is it?” Because to me, it simply was not clear, and I need everything to be clear, to be simple, to be straight forward, because life is too hectic already, which is why I am wanting to throw myself into more self-care, so that I don’t break down.

So, I decided to develop a WTFI …… series (i.e. What The F*** Is …. see what I did there? ??)
What I hope to do is explain the things that I have learnt that may be useful to you on your own journey towards putting ‘You first’, getting better balance in all areas of your life and take control back from the crazy world we live in, as best you can, to lead a more positive and healthy existence.

Now to be clear I don’t talk in a fluffy way (I was once told by one of my London based Executive Coaching clients, that it was my unique selling point), basically because I don’t like wasting my own or anyone else’s time, so I like simple, straight to the point, clear, concise, outcome focused information and instruction. So that’s how its coming at you – Simple, Clear, and Straight to the point (as I understand it).

So, let’s crack on: WTFI …. Wellbeing and Wellness

Now these two get confused a lot. If you type in either of them it is very often you will be met with a beautiful toothy, smiley person eating an apple, talking about Nutrition and Exercise. Now I am not saying these two are not fundamental in both Wellness and Wellbeing, to make it clear they should be the foundation of everyone’s self-care. But Wellness and Wellbeing both cover so much more than simply that. After all, if life was as simple as eating well and exercising more, Gym Bunnies across the world who eat well would never suffer with stress, anxiety, depression or a multitude of other physical and mental conditions – and sadly I don’t think that is the case, although they may be in a better position to cope with it better. So, to confirm …. again …… Nutrition and Exercise are the foundation for a positive and healthy life, but they are not Wellbeing and Wellness it their entirety.

So, what do they mean then? Here is a clue … ‘Health and Wellbeing’. It is a concept that derives from Chinese culture and has evolved to include the terminology Wellness and Wellbeing.

Wellness, translates as “healthy” or “nurturing life”. This relates primarily to our physical sate (which to complicate things is affected by our mental, emotional, spiritual state), it is about prevention and health.

Wellbeing, translates as “happiness” or “a sense of blessedness. This refers to our mental, emotional and spiritual state (again to complicate things is affected by physical health) It is about happiness and having a positive existence that incorporates calm contentment and a balance across all dimensions of life (see WTFI …The 8 Dimensions of Wellness)

So, in a nutshell what does Wellness and Wellbeing mean and what is the difference between them – well it’s all about the H’s. When thinking about Wellness think ‘Health’ and when thinking about Wellbeing think ‘Happiness’ and remember, one does not function effectively without the other – which means you do not function healthily or happily without both. So, if starting out on your own journey of self-care and putting ‘You First’ to create a more positive life for yourself then you need to start with the two WW’s: Wellness and Wellbeing.

Now I’ll toast to that …… ‘Your Health and Happiness’ my friend.

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